โทเนอร์ตัวขายดีค่ะ ตั้งแต่เริ่มตั้งเวปไซด์เลย ตัวนี้ก็ขายดีมาตลอด เป็นทั้่งโทเนอร์ ล้างหน้า และก็คุมเกมผิวด้วย

Charlotte Cho started Soko Glam back in 2012, and it’s quickly become one of the best places to score K-beauty products stateside. One of the retailer’s best sellers is the do-everything Beauty Water from Son & Park: It’s part toner, part cleanser, and an all-around skin game-changer.

Son & Park Beauty Water, $30, available at Soko Glam.


นี่คือวิตามิน ซี เซรั่มตัวดัง จะช่วยลดรอยดำ แล้วปกป้องริ้วรอยก่อนวัย เพิ่มความสดชื่นให้ผิว

Another winner from the Soko Glam selection is this vitamin C-packed serum. It helps to fade dark spots, protect skin from premature aging, and brighten dull complexions. Our advice: Add it to your basket, then brush up on your antioxidant knowledge here, courtesy of Soko Glam’s The Klog.

Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin C Serum, $23, available at Soko Glam.



These wine-soaked pads are another customer favorite. (Fun fact: Our beauty team can’t get enough, either.) They smell nostalgically like grape candy and slough away dead skin cells with just a few swipes.

Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling in Wine, $27, available at Soko Glam.


ลิปสติกเป็นรูปเจล มาเป็นชุด

Peel-off beauty products are huge, and according to Lani Chen, a Memebox representative, this is the product that kicked off the movement. Don’t be intimidated: You simply apply the gel-like substance to your pout, wait for it to dry, and peel it off to reveal a colorful finish that will stay put for hours.

“People are really into the idea of not having to fix their lipstick throughout the day,” Chen tells us. And with this six-pack, you might never want to pick up a tube of lipstick again. You can read our detailed take on peel-off products here.


มาส์กหน้าตัวดังและขายดี เขาบอกเลยว่า ส่วนผสมถ่านทำให้รูขุมขนแน่นขึ้นและกำจัดสิ่งสกปรกจากรูขุมขนอย่างดีเลย

The peel-off trend extends to skin care, and this mask is another Memebox best seller. Its charcoal extract is like a vacuum for your pores. “It’s so satisfying to see impurities being pulled from the pores, and this one can be used all over the face,” says Chen.

Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask, $11.40, available at Memebox.


แปรงสำหรับรองพื้นตัวดังของ Etude อันนี้หลีก็มีค่ะ ใช้ดีเลย นุ่มมาก

Looking for that perfect foundation brush? Search no further. “This brush is best-selling because of its unique shape and effectiveness at blending foundation,” Chen tells us. “The handle gives the user more control, and the dense, soft bristles leave no streaks.” She adds that it comes with a sponge, which you can use to pat in foundation and pick up any excess sitting on the skin.

Etude House Secret Brush 121 Skin, $13.40, available at Memebox


Essence ตัวที่ผสมเกลือแร่วิตามินมากมาย

Peach & Lily
Another K-beauty online go-to is Peach & Lily, which also launched a brick-and-mortar store in Queens recently. One product the brand’s customers can’t seem to get enough of is this cult-favorite essence — and for good reasons. It’s light enough for the summer months and sinks into the skin in a few seconds.

Cremorlab Mineral Treatment Essence, $42, available at Peach & Lily


โทเนอร์ที่มีส่วนผสมจากสมุนไพรมากมาย และน้ำสะอาดจาก Alaskan Glacier

While worrying about the pH level of your skin definitely shouldn’t keep you up at night, this toner will allow you to rest easy. It balances the skin’s acid levels and oil production with soothing ingredients like botanical herbs and Alaskan glacier water.

Be the Skin Botanical Pore Toner, $25, available at Peach & Lily.


มาส์กหน้าแบบแผ่นค่ะ ราคากำลังดีเลย

Craving a sheet mask for every occasionand skin issue? This pack covers it all. It also comes out to $4 a mask, making it a real steal. It’s not available right now — we told you these were best sellers — so we advise getting on that alert list ASAP.

Various Brands Bundle Power Combo Back, $20, available at Peach & Lily.image-9

Artichoke Essence ส่วนผสมของ Artichoke พืชชนิดหนึ่งที่ช่วยลดรูขุนขุมและทำให้ผิวเด้งดึ๋งขึ้นค่ะ

Glow Recipe
Glow Recipe is all about natural, non-harsh K-beauty buys — like this new artichoke essence, which customers are already loving.

“Artichoke extract is great for minimizing the appearance of pores and helping with skin elasticity,” cofounder Christine Chang tells us. “Customers have been raving about the results.”

Yuri Pibu Artichoke Power Essence, $38, available at Glow Recipe.


ตัวนี้ขายดีมานานมากกกก และยังขายดีตลอดดดด เป็น Booster ให้ความผ่อนพรรณแก่ผัวค่ะ

A longstanding best seller for the site, this ampoule can be used by itself or you can add it to your skin care and makeup for an added boost of brightness.

LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule, $38, available at Glow Recipe.image-11

เซรั่มตัวขายดีที่ให้น้ำกับผิว ขายหมดบ่อยมากก

“This was featured on Shark Tank last December, and customers can’t seem to get enough of it; we’ve already sold out several times!” Chang tells us about this serum-moisturizer hybrid. It’s more than TV hype — just check out all the five-star ratings for added proof of its goodness.

Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum, $49, available at Glow Recipe.image-12

ตัวนี้ก็ขายดีใน sephora ด้วย … เป็นครีมให้น้ำกับผิวอย่างดีเลย

Nope, Sephora being on this list is not a mistake. The beauty hot spot has started stocking a slew of Korean beauty brands, including favorites like CaolionChosungah 22, and Too Cool for School. Dr. Jart+ has been on the roster for some time now, but one of its most recent launches has quickly risen to become a Sephora K-beauty fave. We’ve already reviewed the moisturizing tube (you can read our thoughts here). Spoiler alert: It’s one of the coolest products you’ll try this year.

Dr. Jart+ Water Drop Hydrating Moisturizer, $36, available at Sephora.


ใครขี้เกียจ มาใช้มาส์กตัวนี้เลยค่ะ ใช้หลังอาบน้ำ ทิ้งไว้สักพัก แล้วล้างออก ง่ายๆๆๆ

Lazy girls, rejoice! Blithe has brought us all a new way to mask, without the time commitment. The Splash Mask may seem odd, but it’s super-easy to use. Simply pour some in your hands during your shower, pat it into the face, and rinse it off for instant benefits.

Blithe Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey Splash Mask, $45, available at Sephora.image-14

อืออ ตัวนี้น่าลองมากกก ดังมากที่ sephora

This tiny jar packs a powerful punch of hydration for thirsty complexions. It’s the top-selling beauty product in Korean department stores, so it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that it’s also a winner stateside.

Belif The True Cream Aqua Bomb, $38, available at Sephora.image-15

เซรั่มวิตามินซีค่ะ ลดริ้วรอย ให้ความสว่างกับใบหน้า ลดรอยหมองคล้ำของผิวค่ะ

It’s no coincidence that two retailers in this slideshow call vitamin C serums best sellers; it speaks wonders to the ingredient’s effectiveness. This option from popular site Wishtrend is a favorite because of how powerful it is compared to many on the market. “The C21.5 Serum has always been a popular product for its highly concentrated formula that works to brighten skin tone and reduce pigmentation to get rid of any signs of dullness,” Wishtrend representative Gina Myung tells us.

By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C21.5 Advanced Serum, $24.99, available at Wishtrend.image-16

โทเนอร์อีกแล้ว …ตัวดังของเกาหลีเลยค่ะ

“The Klairs Toner is a longtime fan favorite,” Myung says.
“It’s great for people of all skin types and has been constantly gaining popularity.” She also notes that it’s been featured as the number-one toner on Korean app Glowpick.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner, $21.99, available at Wishtrend.image-17

มาส์กหน้าที่ทำมาจากน้ำผึ้งแท้ 39% เลยค่ะ ทำความสะอาดกับผิว และคืนน้ำให้ผิวหน้าค่ะ

Myung tells us that this mask is beloved for its unique formula: It contains 39% real honey, which both cleanses and hydrates the face.

I’m From Honey Mask, $37.90, available at Wishtrend.


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