Review Thanya Beach Resort, Ngai Island, Trang, Thailand (English only)

Review Thanya Beach Resort, Ngai Island, Trang, Thailand18425433_1869047073382687_7281871995923122519_n

This resort is one of the most lovely resort located in Ngai Island, Trang Province, Thailand. I love the bungalow, there are 40 bungalows in this property. I like this resort because the beach is in front of the resort and, the pool as well. So we can play both the sea and pool. With a big garden in front of our bungalow, we love to walk along the tree with the sound of many birds.


The bungalows is equipped with double bed, air condition, good rest room, and free wifi. Unfortunately, while we were there, wifi was not good. There is no TV or TV signal in the resort.

Breakfast is good. American Breakfast with many Thai fruits, pancake, Thai fried rice. The location of the resort’s restaurant is beside the beach. We can have a very good view while having breakfast. Love it….

The best thing that I love is this resort use “Patra” , the famous brand name of plate, bowl, dish, and cup. Love it.


However, there is no massage service in this resort, I have to get it from the resort beside this one. Moreover, I walked to see the local diving service, I can get a cheaper diving service from them. About 3500 Bath per 4 island with guide. (while the resort charged 4000 Baht without guide. (Guide is important, You must have).

While we were there, it was hard to find good restaurant on island, therefore one day we went to local restaurant, you can walk along the beach and find it. And one night, we spent time in the resort’s restaurant. The test was good, not bad at all, and not too expensive.

Try it. I recommend this resort for you, especially foreigner. >>> While we were there, there is no Thai in this resort. Most Thai spent time in the next one, maybe because they prefer tour group.

Good Luck . However during May – October, it is the raining season, the resort is not quite safe. High season is in November- April. See u there again. Thanya Beach Resort. We love you.

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